Testimonies from Clients of Millcreek Construction

"Dan has worked for me in all phases of residential home construction & remodel. Dan has an attention to detail and does quality work. He is also a master woodworker with cabinets and furniture. Most importantly, I have found Dan to be trustworthy and honest." Rod Russell, 509-328-2962, Spokane, WA

"I have to say I love Dan's work! I am the most OCD person I know. LOL. I am a perfectionist and finding someone that does good work and that I can trust is extremely hard. Dan has been doing work for me for a little over a year (counter tops, bar, windows and cutting boards) and the work he does is just wonderful! He is extremely proficient and meticulous at every job. He is also very respectful and doesn't over-charge me. Before I hired him I called around and got bids on my windows. Well, needless to say he beat the price and was really flexible about fitting it into my schedule, not so much his schedule."

"Also, I priced getting my countertops redone through Lowes, Ziggys and other contractors, Dan again was the lowest priced. But more importantly his work is just beautiful, we are so amazed by his knowledge and precision. Lowes said that my counter tops would have a seam and wanted $3000 for laminate. I also wanted to keep the original corners and Lowes was going to charge me several hundred dollars extra to keep them. They said that the rounded corners would be cheaper because they are machine made. I did not want the rounded corners, I want to keep my home as close to original as possible. When Dan bid the job he said the counters would not have a seam, that meant water would not get into the seam and ruin my counter tops so they would last longer and look better after time. He also kept the original corners just like I wanted! He brought my huge counter top in one piece and it is perfect, I have even looked for a mistake and again, I can't find one. He is the only contractor that my husband and I trust! Thanks for doing such great work!" Hope W., Spokane, Wa